Calendar of Events

  • Wednesday

    Prevention through Design

    Apr 25, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)

    Canon 1 of the NSPE's Code of Ethics states that the safety and health of the public is paramount. But does our duty to "the public" include individuals who will be implementing/constructing and maintaining our designs? Prevention through Design (PtD) is an emerging safety management innovation in which design engineers consider the safety of all individuals affected by their design from cradle to grave. This webinar will focus on the Prevention through Design (PtD) concept as it applies to building design and construction and discuss how Prevention through Design (PtD) is part of a Triple Bottom Line approach to sustainable development. The webinar will summarize the PtD concept, give examples from civil engineering and construction, summarize the practical safety and economic benefits that are driving clients to require PtD and OSHA and NIOSH to promote the Prevention through Design (PtD) concept, and provide practical tips for implementing Prevention through Design (PtD) within your firm without exposing your firm to excessive chance of litigation.

    Learning objectives:

    • Define Prevention through Design (PtD)
    • Identify common examples of Prevention through Design (PtD) in building design and construction
    • Describe tools and processes that enable Prevention through Design (PtD) 
    • Discuss potential barriers to Prevention through Design (PtD)
    • Summarize steps in implementing Prevention through Design (PtD) in an organization

    Number of PDHs: 1

  • Wednesday

    Architects & Engineers Claims Risk

    May 9, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)

    Speaker: Mr. Thomas G. Cronin, Mr. Ronnie Dimit, and Mr. Gawain Charlton-Perrin 

    Speaker Bio: Tom Cronin is a partner in Gordon & Rees’s Chicago office and has tried and mediated cases to favorable resolutions throughout Illinois.  His practice focuses on construction and construction defect, design professionals, product liability, commercial and residential real estate transactions and litigation, medical malpractice, and personal injury.  

    Ronnie Dimit has more than 10 years of experience in A&E Professional Liability industry and is a Senior Account Executive at the Hanover Insurance Group with a focus on underwriting and risk management.

    Gawain Charlton-Perrin is the Director of Risk Management at the Hanover Insurance Group. He has a strong background in Professional Liability Claims, Ethics & Risk Management. Gawain focuses on Risk Management for Professional Liability Programs (Architects & Engineers, Accountants, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents & Brokers, Mortgage Field Services, Home Inspectors & Property Management Firms).  


    This webinar will discuss trends affecting the architects and engineer industry and insight into some of the potential changes and exposures for design professionals. The design professionals’ increased reliance upon technology and how that reliance will affect claims and overall exposure.  The webinar will review claims that have and will affect design professionals for failing to keep up with technology and the evolving standard of care.  How inexperienced staff can also lead to claims despite being possibly more familiar with emerging technology than their more experienced colleagues.  Finally, the webinar will also review how design professionals can help limit their risk through the use of best practices risk management techniques.

    Learning Objectives

    • The trends affecting the architects and engineer industry and insight into the potential changes and exposures expected for design professionals.  
    • How design professionals are becoming more reliant upon technology and how that reliance is affecting current and future claims and overall liability exposure.  
    • The evolving and changing of the standard of care of what constitutes reasonableness for the work performed by design professionals due to the rapid changes that technology has brought to the design professional industry.
    How even inexperienced staff can rely too much upon technology and also violate the standard of care despite their greater reliance upon technology than their more experienced peers.  Also, a discussion and review about how design professionals can help limit their risk through the use of best practices risk management techniques.

    Number of PDHs: 1

  • Wednesday

    Engineering Ethics: Conflicts of Interest...

    May 16, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)
    Topic: Engineering Ethics: Conflicts of Interest and the Protection of the Public Health, Safety and Welfare

    Speaker: Mr. Arthur E Schwartz, CAE, JD 

    Speaker Bio: Arthur Schwartz is the deputy executive director and general counsel of the National Society of Professional Engineers, and he also serves as the executive director of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers, an NSPE affinity group. His responsibilities include serving as staff director to the NSPE Board of Ethical Review, the Committee on Policy and Advocacy, the Professional Liability Committee, and the Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee. 


    This webinar will focus on Emerging Areas/Emerging Challenges through “Public Health, Safety & Welfare—Discovery of Structural Defect Affecting Subdivision”, “Duty of Engineer Not to Interfere with Building Approval Process in Fee Dispute”, “Public Health Safety and Welfare—Engineering Standards” and “Conflict of Interest—Participating in Multiple DOT Proposals for Different Contractors”.

    Number of PDHs: 1

  • Wednesday

    Engineering Career Development: How to Manage and Retain the Future Workforce

    May 23, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ET)

    Speaker: Ms. Tiffany Aukema 

    Speaker Bio: Tiffany has over 18 years’ experience in human resources.  Her areas of expertise include performance management, employee relations, manager and staff training, and competency modeling.  She facilitates workshops, seminars, and focus groups to help organizations stay current with thought leadership in issues such as employee relations, performance management, and diversity. Tiffany’s expertise in competency modeling and performance management includes developing accurate job competencies to establish workforce development programs for organizations of all sizes.  Tiffany currently is a consultant with HR Advisors Group and specializes in the A/E industries. 


    As the engineering industry continues to grow, managers need to be prepared to lead and retain a diverse workforce.  During this course, the facilitator will discuss the characteristics of the incoming engineering workforce and how to best engage them by providing leadership in career development.  Younger engineers will also benefit from this course, as the facilitator will discuss how to be prepared for a career in engineering and what to expect.

    Learning Objectives

    1. Educate managers on the characteristics of the incoming workforce
    2. Learn tools to engage and retain engineers in their career
    Provide young engineers with basic expectations of starting their career in engineering

    PDH: 1

  • Wednesday

    Professional Engineers Conference 2018

    Jul 18 - 22, (PT)
    Save the Date! Mark your calendar for the 2018 Professional Engineers Conference, July 18–22, Las Vegas, at Caesars Palace. Registration is now open.
    Las Vegas, NV, United States

  • Friday

    2018 NAFE Summer Conference

    Jul 27 - 29, (ET)
    2018 National Academy of Forensic Engineers Summer Conference

    This conference will feature a full-day of Regular Seminar technical presentations on Saturday, July 28th, and a full day Special Educational Seminar on Sunday, July 29th. NAFE Committee Meetings, the NAFE Board of Directors Meeting and the ASTM E58 Technical Committee Meeting will take place on Friday July 27th. There will also be many opportunities for socializing, networking, and collegial discussion. If you have never attended a NAFE Conference, take advantage of this great professional educational and networking opportunity. First time attendees will receive a 50% discount on each day's NAFE conference registration! The first time 50% attendee discount conference rate (and early bird discount) will be applied when you register online. NAFE has reserved a block of hotel rooms at the meeting venue - the Hyatt Regency Buffalo Hotel and Conference Center - and you can make your reservations now. NAFE has negotiated a special attractive conference hotel rate of $147 per night (single/double).
    Buffalo, NY, United States