CSPE Chapters

The Virtual Chapter connects Professional Engineers across California using teleconferences, webinars and a mix of social media and in-person events. We're your professional retreat, where ideas on engineering ethics, career development, licensure and public advocacy all come together.

CSPE Virtual Chapter

> CSPE Virtual Chapter – A forum for ideas, networking and career development for California professional engineers. Serving (but not limited to) engineers wishing to connect to Society activities primarily via online and mobile means and/or members geographically unable to affiliate with a physical chapter.

CSPE Virtual Events

> CSPE Virtual Events – Your local CSPE.

November Virtual Lunch Break
Thanks to the California engineers who joined us in September for our first CSPE Lunch Break virtual session! Our participants hailed from San Diego and greater Los Angeles metro area with backgrounds ranging from materials science to civil engineering, HVAC, and construction. We spent time understanding each other's professional backgrounds and the challenges we saw ahead for professional engineering from our diverse professional perspectives. Our next virtual Lunch Break will be Friday November 10.
> Register for the November CSPE Lunch Break here.

CSPE Facebook

> Join our group on Facebook — serving members not residing in one of CSPE's geographical chapter areas or for those wishing to interact with CSPE electronically

San Diego County Engineering Council

> This is CSPE's primary outreach program in the Greater San Diego area, engaging CSPE members in outreach activities to raise awareness about the engineering profession and one of our leading active regions for the annual E-Week events.

Monterey Bay Chapter

> Serving the Monterey Peninsula and surrounding areas.

San Diego Chapter

> Serving San Diego and surrounding areas.